Beware of Kimkins!!

If you saw the cover of Woman’s World Magazine in early June, then you might have heard something about the Kimkins Diet.  There is NO REASON to give Heidi Diaz aka “Kimmer” $60 of your hard earned money to find out how to starve yourself.  You can probably figure out all by yourself that eating 500 calories a day, or maybe 300, or maybe even 700 will cause you to lose weight.  But if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want the details of the Kimkins diet plan, get them for FREE at  Just search for Kimkins and the diet plans are detailed, as well as all the latest information about a pending lawsuit against Heidi Diaz and also a few pesky investigations about fraud and other things.

Are you like me – an honest citizen who PAID back all your student loans??  Well, Heidi Diaz is NOT so honest.  She is stinging us tax payers with over THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS in unpaid student loans.  That fact alone makes me not want to give her one red nickel of my hard earned money.  She’s getting enough of my tax dollars for the unpaid student loan, along with her Social Security Disability payments.  Yeah – she can’t “work” – but she can run the Kimpire and take your money!

Don’t take my word for it.  I’m not making this up.  In fact the tale of Heidi / Kimmer / Kimkins deception is so eye popping – you CAN’T make this stuff up.  Please visit this link for a general summary of the situation.  3 Fat Chicks: Anatomy of a Diet Scam

Additional details can be found at these sites:

Keep your money in your pocket ’til you have done your homework!



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6 responses to “Beware of Kimkins!!

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  2. itscloudyinhere

    Great blog! You’ve really been busy ~wave~

    Wavin’ right back at ya!! Thanks for visiting!


  3. Mimi

    Great blog! Keep up the good work! Truth and the Law are the only things that will defeat the evil Kimpire!

  4. OddManOut

    I’m glad lowcarbfriends has left the old kimmer threads up so people can see how she acted and that the advice she gave early on for free (according to her that was how she lost weight) is not the same schlock she’s peddling for $60 now.
    One question unanswered, one of many, is why she changed her advice to be more restrictive after she started charging for it?

  5. kimkinssmith

    Bless you for your kindness in helping others to become educated and to heal. In these confusing and lonely times, your love is like a light in the darkness.

    Thank you.

    ~Kimkins Survivors

  6. KTLA News Exclusive! Internet Diet Scam Exposed!

    Here’s a link directly to the video:

    Here are the Private Investigator’s notes!!!

    Here’s the transcript from the broadcast:

    Perhaps the folks at Woman’s World and People Magazine would like to know about the added publicity they will be receiving now?

    Let them know!

    Woman’s World Editor ~

    People Magazine Editor ~

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