Back to Kimkins – Who is Dr. Pescatore?

I’m getting more curious about this good Doctor Fred Pescatore, M.D. who at one time was apparently the Associate Medical Director of the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine for five years.  At least that’s what his bio says on the back cover of his book – “Thin for Good” copyrighted in 2000.

I guess his name stuck in the back of my mind since I first heard that his name, along with his current “Hampton’s Diet” was mentioned in the article about Kimkins in the June 2007 infamous Woman’s World article.  What’s the connection?  TWO scammers on Dr. Atkin’s good name for the price of one??  Well, I can’t say, but hopefully Dr. Pescatore will.  I contacted him (or his representatives) today using the “Contact” feature here to ask the following:

“What is Dr. Pescatore’s association with Kimkins?  (Heidi Diaz of  A lawsuit is currently pending against Heidi Diaz, and Dr. Pescatore appeared to endorse the Kimkins diet plan in a June Woman’s World article. Is the Hamptons Diet similar to Kimkins?  Does Dr. Pescatore endorse Kimkins?  Why was Dr. Pescatore and the Hampton‘s Diet part of the Woman’s World article about this Kimkins Diet? I’m one of many bloggers on the Kimkins topic, and would be happy to include any official statements from Dr. Pescatore or his representatives.”

What do you think? I would sure appreciate your comments and opinions about Dr. Pescatore.  Is he just another thief in the unfortunate den of people raking in some $$ on Dr. Atkins good name?  Is he on the same low rung of the low carb diet ladder as Hidey, or a higher rung?  Did he seem to be endorsing Kimkins in “her” Woman’s World article, or was that just a scam technique on the part of Woman’s World or HideyKins?  Or Dr. Pescatore regarding his Hampton’s Diet where sales of Macadamia Nut Oil seem to be the huge focus?

I will report whatever I hear back.  Let me know what you know or think of him.



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4 responses to “Back to Kimkins – Who is Dr. Pescatore?

  1. I’ve blogged about Dr. Fred Pescatore, including an interview with him. Here’s a column where he supported people who are on low-carb:

    And here is my interview with him from June 2006:

    I read the Woman’s World article and don’t think he was “endorsing” Kimkins at all. He was simply sharing his thoughts about low-carb diets since he is a name they could reference with this unknown plan.

    Of course, I’m sure Dr. Pescatore is wishing he hadn’t even associated himself with it now. 🙂

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  3. 2big4mysize

    hope you get some information about how his statement is or isn’t supposed to be associated with the kimkins diet. I will be watching this closely

  4. Colleen Martinez

    I read your post and feel that I must respond and defend Dr. Pescatore’s good name. I can assure you that Dr. Pescatore would never endorse a diet like Kimkins. Dr. Pescatore is legitimate. His book, “The Hamptons Diet” is based on true medical research and his credentials are accurate. Bringing him into this mess is ludicrous. I am sure that you will receive a response from his office shortly. Dr. Pescatore has had numerous articles in Woman’s World and several other magazines about his diet plan, and no, he is not just pitching macadamia nut oil. I’m sure the magazine was just referencing him with a low carb type of diet.

    DG’s Comments – the reason I have written Dr. Pescatore (twice!) through his web site is to give him a chance to respond. If he is legitimate as you say, then I can’t imagine he is pleased with the way the Woman’s World article is written – which IMO, IS made to look like he endorses Kimkins. I would hope the recent news surrounding Kimmer would prompt him to take action as well, if indeed he does NOT endorse Kimkins, and doesn’t appreciate WW making it appear that he does. I’m just reporting here. I’m looking forward to his response, which I will print in full when and if it comes.

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