Dr. Pescatore, We Want To Hear From You.

Here is the e-mail I sent to Dr. Pescatore via the Hampton’s Diet web site today:

Since writing yesterday regarding your seeming endorsement for Kimkins.com, I have re-visited the 6/12/07 Woman’s World article.  Dr. Pescatore’s name is mentioned 4 times, the “Hampton’s Diet” once, and www.hamtonsdiet.com once – all in a way that looks like Dr. Pescatore endorses the Kimkins.com diet.

Dr. Pescatore, do you endorse the Kimkins.com diet?

Please just answer that question – there are lots of people who want to know the answer.

After reviewing the Woman’s World article, all I can say is….Please Pass The Barf Bag.  Dr. Pescatore, it wouldn’t shock me at all if you were never interviewed for that article.  Creative writing was certainly involved.  WE INVITE YOU TO SPEAK OUT.  And at this stage, I think it looks bad if you don’t.


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One response to “Dr. Pescatore, We Want To Hear From You.

  1. This is the first I am reading of any of this and I have never recieved any e-mail at my hamptons diet site. I would certainly have responded long before this. My websites are currently in the midst of being revised and perhaps things got lost somewhere in the shuffle.
    For those who defended me, I appreciate it and thank you. For the others, I was interviewed for the article based on my experience with both The Atkins Diet, having been the associate medical director; and, for being familiar with controlled carbohydrate eating. I have no control over how my comments are printed or what is said in the article. I simply tried to place lowering one’s carbohydrates in the best light possible whenever I can. I hope this helps to clear up any controversy.
    Fred Pescatore, MD

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