There is Just NO Honesty in Scamming These Days!

(or…Keep Your Sense Of Humor With You If You Decide To Read On!)

One of the most tragic things, in Doggygirl’s opinion, about KimScam is the fact that Hidey Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) was willing to put people’s health at risk while happily separating them from their money.  And that is NO JOKE and not a laughing matter at all.  And I hope that the class action lawsuit along with other investigations separate Hidey Kimmer Heidi Diaz from EVERY penny she took from people.  While the wheels of justice turn – and that can take time – laughter is good medicine in Doggygirl’s opinion.


How about an old fashioned, innocent, no health risk and….are you ready?……HONEST internet scam?  Doggygirl went on the hunt and found such a thing.  For people who are willing to be separated from their money, this is THE most honest, up front scam I found.   Nobody is wearing a red dress, but we DO want to know “Who Is The Guy In The Shiny Bow Tie.”


In an exclusive interview with The Guy In The Shiny Bow Tie, he said “so far I’ve gotten $5 in Paypal payments.  That $5 was from a guy who said he was laughing too hard to go to the bar on Friday night after reading my web site scam proposal.  He was willing to share his Friday bar time savings with me.  Hey – it’s a start.  I want to bring honesty back to internet scams.  If I can make $5 for doing nothing, surely there is more where that came from.”

I’m pretty sure the Guy In The Shiny Bow Tie is NOT a potential Russian Wife.  Who is he?  Is Honesty In Scamming important at all?  Are you smiling right now?  (Doggygirl hopes so!) 

**Disclaimer** this is an attempt at comic relief from the KimScam drama.  Use the comments feature to rate this attempt from 1 star (I will never smile again – you better stop it before you totally ruin my life) to 5 stars (it made me giggle – but don’t tell anyone).



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6 responses to “There is Just NO Honesty in Scamming These Days!

  1. Thankyou so much for the good laugh!!! I just emailed a bunch of friends that site… and I’m almost crying from laughing so hard.
    Much needed on a day like this!
    Thanks again! 🙂

    Happy to make you smile Deni!!

  2. greta carbo

    If he isn’t really a Russian sexybride, then who is he? Where did you get that stock model shot? Did you ask his permission? Did you change his eye color and post him as a scam success story? I call foulski!

    DG says – It’s my very own after picture – but don’t tell anyone, K?? 🙂

  3. greta carbo

    Well, then I give you a 5 out of 5 ruble rating.

    DG – Hmmm….how to spend my newly acquired 5 rubles…. 😉

  4. Mimi

    ROTFLMAO oh, DG, I’m so grateful for people with a sense of humor. Bless you.

    DG edit – Hee Hee. I hope somebody wants to give me all of their money. OH WAIT!! I DIDN’T SAY THAT!! It’s the guy in the shiny BOW TIE who wants everyone’s money! (whew. near miss) 😉 [end DG edit]

  5. Mimi

    oops I forgot the star rating! how about 14.95 stars in honor of KimScam! LOL

  6. itscloudyinhere

    Too funny!

    Quick, how many people sent him some money? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    **Quick reply! The Guy In The Shiny Bow Tie Says: Send $1 and I’ll tell you how many people have sent me money!**


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