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Kimmer the Russian Mail Order Bride

Red Dress

Thanks to a very dedicated group at Low Carb Friends who spent many hours scouring Russian Bride web sites, the source of Kimmers infamous “Red Dress Picture” was identified.   The mystery woman in the Red Dress is really “Lesya” featured on this Russian Bride Site:  http://www.behappy2day.com/girls_info.php?i=6077&f=1

Is there even one person left who has not accepted the REAL after pictures taken by Slamboard’s Private I?  If you are the one person out there who doesn’t  believe the REAL pictures below, please comment – I want to hear from you.  Tippy??  You already know that I will publish your exact comments without editing.  I’d love to know what you think.  Singinglass?  Lasttime4me?  Anyone??

Kimmer Real Before and After from Slamboard

I think Becky tells it best in terms of why this Red Dress Forgery is so VERY offensive to so many people.  Please visit Becky’s blog and read her version – it sure rang home to me.  http://winningweight.blogspot.com/

I’m glad I ended up keeping my $59.95 in my pocket.  But I almost didn’t – that Red Dress Woman was a compelling draw, and Kimmer knew it.  I hope that EVERY PERSON who joined the Kimkins web site – at whatever fee – joins the class action lawsuit.  http://kimkinslawsuit.wordpress.com/  It’s not about getting your money back, IMO.  It’s about STOPPING KIMMER and getting the money she stole from people away from her.  It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up.  You just have to provide proof of payment to Kimkins, and a few other pieces of information.

Thanks to all of the Ducky Detectives who helped solve this piece of the puzzle.  Now I am going to blog something about dogs, just to ground myself!



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