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Kimmer the Russian Mail Order Bride

Red Dress

Thanks to a very dedicated group at Low Carb Friends who spent many hours scouring Russian Bride web sites, the source of Kimmers infamous “Red Dress Picture” was identified.   The mystery woman in the Red Dress is really “Lesya” featured on this Russian Bride Site:  http://www.behappy2day.com/girls_info.php?i=6077&f=1

Is there even one person left who has not accepted the REAL after pictures taken by Slamboard’s Private I?  If you are the one person out there who doesn’t  believe the REAL pictures below, please comment – I want to hear from you.  Tippy??  You already know that I will publish your exact comments without editing.  I’d love to know what you think.  Singinglass?  Lasttime4me?  Anyone??

Kimmer Real Before and After from Slamboard

I think Becky tells it best in terms of why this Red Dress Forgery is so VERY offensive to so many people.  Please visit Becky’s blog and read her version – it sure rang home to me.  http://winningweight.blogspot.com/

I’m glad I ended up keeping my $59.95 in my pocket.  But I almost didn’t – that Red Dress Woman was a compelling draw, and Kimmer knew it.  I hope that EVERY PERSON who joined the Kimkins web site – at whatever fee – joins the class action lawsuit.  http://kimkinslawsuit.wordpress.com/  It’s not about getting your money back, IMO.  It’s about STOPPING KIMMER and getting the money she stole from people away from her.  It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up.  You just have to provide proof of payment to Kimkins, and a few other pieces of information.

Thanks to all of the Ducky Detectives who helped solve this piece of the puzzle.  Now I am going to blog something about dogs, just to ground myself!



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There is Just NO Honesty in Scamming These Days!

(or…Keep Your Sense Of Humor With You If You Decide To Read On!)

One of the most tragic things, in Doggygirl’s opinion, about KimScam is the fact that Hidey Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) was willing to put people’s health at risk while happily separating them from their money.  And that is NO JOKE and not a laughing matter at all.  And I hope that the class action lawsuit along with other investigations separate Hidey Kimmer Heidi Diaz from EVERY penny she took from people.  While the wheels of justice turn – and that can take time – laughter is good medicine in Doggygirl’s opinion.


How about an old fashioned, innocent, no health risk and….are you ready?……HONEST internet scam?  Doggygirl went on the hunt and found such a thing.  For people who are willing to be separated from their money, this is THE most honest, up front scam I found.   Nobody is wearing a red dress, but we DO want to know “Who Is The Guy In The Shiny Bow Tie.”



In an exclusive interview with The Guy In The Shiny Bow Tie, he said “so far I’ve gotten $5 in Paypal payments.  That $5 was from a guy who said he was laughing too hard to go to the bar on Friday night after reading my web site scam proposal.  He was willing to share his Friday bar time savings with me.  Hey – it’s a start.  I want to bring honesty back to internet scams.  If I can make $5 for doing nothing, surely there is more where that came from.”

I’m pretty sure the Guy In The Shiny Bow Tie is NOT a potential Russian Wife.  Who is he?  Is Honesty In Scamming important at all?  Are you smiling right now?  (Doggygirl hopes so!) 

**Disclaimer** this is an attempt at comic relief from the KimScam drama.  Use the comments feature to rate this attempt from 1 star (I will never smile again – you better stop it before you totally ruin my life) to 5 stars (it made me giggle – but don’t tell anyone).


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KTLA TV Airs Part 2 of the KimScam

Kimkins: Internet Diet Scam

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

How can ANYONE still believe that Kimkins is safe?  How can ANYONE still trust Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) to give them healthy weight loss advice?  How can ANYONE continue to support Kimmer by working for her and/or defending her?  I really, really want to know.  (Doggygirl has some South Florida property and couple of nice bridges for sale…..)

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Tippy Toes Weighs In.

I report, you decide.  This is a direct copy from a comment Tippy made today, several stories down, in the Dog House.  No editing.  Thank you Tippy for being brave enough to write us here at the Dog House.
Tippy:  “This is my comment on the Kimkins Heidi Diaz subject. None of us knows who Kimmer really is for sure. But if she is Heidi Diaz then she would not be the first person to gain weight and not admit to it. Take a good look at the current admins at LCF. And read this carefully. I went to a gathering and they all looked pretty good! I was inspired by the before pics they all shared. After that gathering I stopped losing weight on Atkins diet. The admins did encourage me to stick it out, add this, take that out, ect. I did listen to them and tried it all. The stall would not break. Still, I kept thinking how slim they all were at the gathering and how much I respected the opinions and suggestions given. I waited for 6 months and the stall never broke. Soon after I found Kimkins and it worked beautifully. Gathering #2 came and we went. This time I was nearly in shock. The very same admins who were giving me advice and telling me NOT to use Kimkins had regained a lot of weight back. (Not all but most had) Worse, many never changed stats or removed the “after” pics either. I wanted to cry. I had believed them… And yes I did take pics at both gatherings and no I will not show them. I will not be taking the same path as the haters. That would be wrong.

Does Kimkins work? You bet your arse it does! I see successful people in there every single day. They bought a membership for a diet in order to lose weight and that is exactly what they are getting. They did not buy a membership to pry into anyone’s private and personal life. I personally have lost over 60lbs doing Kimkins and am damn proud of it. We all are proud to be losing weight and feeling great doing Kimkins.

I have contacted the reporter myself. We want to issue him a site pass so he can report from inside Kimkins. We want him to see how succesful Kimkins diets really are. We hope he accepts our invitation.”

So…..Tippy?  I still have no clue about how and why you made the move to Kimkins.com.  Never mind…..


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Kimmer, Heidi Diaz, or any Authorized Kimkins.com Representative is Invited to Respond!

I have e-mailed the webmaster at Kimkins.com inviting Kimmer, Heidi, or any authorized representative of Kimkins to respond to me either by e-mail or phone to the KTLA news story.  I have offered to publish both sides.  I will let you know if Kimmer, Tippy Toes, Singing Lass, or any others come forward with a different point of view. 

Kimmer?  Tippy?  Singinglass? Lasttime4me?  Other Admins?  I will print exactly what you have to say.  Come forward!

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Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer is Exposed as a Fraud

Yesterday evening KTLA News in Los Angeles featured a segment exposing the Kimkins fraud. 


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Stay tuned tonight for part 2, with more information about the lawsuit.


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Back to Kimkins – Who is Dr. Pescatore?

I’m getting more curious about this good Doctor Fred Pescatore, M.D. who at one time was apparently the Associate Medical Director of the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine for five years.  At least that’s what his bio says on the back cover of his book – “Thin for Good” copyrighted in 2000.

I guess his name stuck in the back of my mind since I first heard that his name, along with his current “Hampton’s Diet” was mentioned in the article about Kimkins in the June 2007 infamous Woman’s World article.  What’s the connection?  TWO scammers on Dr. Atkin’s good name for the price of one??  Well, I can’t say, but hopefully Dr. Pescatore will.  I contacted him (or his representatives) today using the “Contact” feature here http://www.hamptonsdiet.com/index.asp to ask the following:

“What is Dr. Pescatore’s association with Kimkins?  (Heidi Diaz of http://www.Kimkins.com)  A lawsuit is currently pending against Heidi Diaz, and Dr. Pescatore appeared to endorse the Kimkins diet plan in a June Woman’s World article. Is the Hamptons Diet similar to Kimkins?  Does Dr. Pescatore endorse Kimkins?  Why was Dr. Pescatore and the Hampton‘s Diet part of the Woman’s World article about this Kimkins Diet? I’m one of many bloggers on the Kimkins topic, and would be happy to include any official statements from Dr. Pescatore or his representatives.”

What do you think? I would sure appreciate your comments and opinions about Dr. Pescatore.  Is he just another thief in the unfortunate den of people raking in some $$ on Dr. Atkins good name?  Is he on the same low rung of the low carb diet ladder as Hidey, or a higher rung?  Did he seem to be endorsing Kimkins in “her” Woman’s World article, or was that just a scam technique on the part of Woman’s World or HideyKins?  Or Dr. Pescatore regarding his Hampton’s Diet where sales of Macadamia Nut Oil seem to be the huge focus?

I will report whatever I hear back.  Let me know what you know or think of him.


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